4.0 Supports

Our supports are designed and manufactured with special consideration for new construction technologies and new materials. The opportunities offered by additive manufacturing construction techniques allow us to obtain results that were unthinkable only a few years ago. We can obtain benefits in our field in terms of surface reproduction, use of innovative materials and in most cases we obtain a strong reduction in weight: essential element, especially for vibration fixtures.

Projects are realised and proposed to the customer with the intent of optimizing the test as a whole and not only thinking of the support as an end in itself. From this perspective, sometimes we can sacrifice the weight of the fixture or setup times, trying to reduce the number of the runs to perform (test optimization). Other times we tend to optimize the assembly of the sample, to the detriment of the pure performance of the support (setup optimization).

There is no perfect support or fixture by definition, but there is the most suitable fixture in a given situation. The dialogue that we establish with the client aims to realise the support that best suits the specific case, finding the best compromise.

Our structures are designed by personnel that is highly competent in the field of quality tests, using constantly updated 3D modelling and finite element method analysis (FEM).

The assignment of mechanical manufactures (whether obtained through traditional techniques or innovative techniques) and dimensional checks to partners that are highly specialised in their sector is a guarantee of quality towards the customer.