MPLD was born to provide services and products to perform quality tests.

The experience acquired in over ten years in specialized laboratories, especially in the sector of vibrations, allows us to immediately understand the customer's need and to propose alternative solutions.

Our reality turns to those who look for a solution beyond present standards to innovate their own way of testing.
We flank the client to understand his needs and by searching together for a shared solution that can solve the problem in a simple, effective and innovative way.

Our mission consist in providing the supply of a product that goes beyond the state of art, through the listening and the sharing of information and experience with the customer.

What we do and how we do it

Working in the areas of automotive and aeronautical, rail and military systems, we are able to cover every customer's need:


  • supply of the finished support;
  • consulting for an optimized test development;
  • supply of solutions and projects.


  • vibration fixtures;
  • watertight supports;
  • photometric supports;
  • jigs;
  • benches for pulsation tests.

The whole offer is thought in a shared way with the client, because it does not exist only one single and univocal solution to every problem, but we must search for the best compromise, considering all the boundary conditions; it also embraces the philosophy of the 4.0 industry, implementing, in our way of working, the technology of the so-called "fourth industrial revolution".

Thanks to first-order partners, we integrate the concepts of Additive Manufacturing, Simulation, Industrial Internet and Cloud in our reality.