Vibration fixtures

Vibration fixtures are intended to transmit the stresses generated by the vibrating system to the object under test.

They are usually created with light metallic alloys (generally aluminium) through traditional construction techniques or increasingly often through additive manufacturing in order to obtain increasingly complex geometries and a weight reduction.

There are many different types of vibration tests and each one of them has its own peculiarity: for this reason it is appropriate to give the support the right dimension, thinking of it as part of the entire test and not as an object on its own. Depending on the different needs, there can be single or multiple sample fixtures, monoaxial or triaxial ones, with a single or a rotating positioning.
It is therefore important to have the focus on the entire test, conceived as a whole that is made up of the vibrating system, the control system and the fixture, in order to find the right compromise to propose to the customer.